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Bespoke Studio Canvases
Bespoke Studio Canvases

Discover Hm Canvases Studio Range – ideal for budget-conscious creators.

Bespoke Gallery Premium Canvases
Bespoke Gallery Premium Canvases

Elevate your artistry with Bespoke Gallery Premium Canvases, meticulously crafted for quality and precision.

Bespoke Professional Canvases
Bespoke Professional Canvases

Crafted for professional artists, our Bespoke Professional Canvases exemplify Museum Quality design, ensuring lasting longevity. 

Extra Large Bespoke Professional Canvases
Extra Large Bespoke Professional Canvases

Tailored for grand-scale artistic endeavors, our precision-crafted Bespoke Extra Large Professional are Museum Quality.

Our Canvases Are Handmade to Order - Our Current Lead Time 10 Days for Stretchers & 2 Weeks for Canvases. For XL canvases the lead time is 3 weeks.


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Readymade Canvases
Readymade Canvases

Here, you will find a selection of our readymade canvases in stock and ready to send. 

Stretcher Bars
Stretcher Bars

Made to Measure Canvas Stretcher Bars are Made Using High Quality Solid Hardwood to Exact Sizes

Canvas Fabric
Canvas Fabric

The Fabric we used to make our Stretched Canvases is also available to buy by the linear metre or the roll.

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Welcome to HM Canvases - Makers of Handmade Bespoke Artists Canvases and Canvas Stretcher Bars for 20 Years, and retailers of Cotton & Linen Canvas Fabric for the Professional Artist 

All of our canvases are Made to Measure and manufactured by us here in the UK in our Wolverhampton Workshop. 

You will find many ranges of Artists Canvases to choose from to suit your painting requirements; All are Gallery Wrapped on Standard and Deep Edge frames. We also make Cradled Wooden Painting Panels. Our canvases are available primed and ready to paint on for both Oils Paint and Acrylic Paint, and Unprimed cotton and Linen is also available. As we make everything to order, any size can be made including very large canvases up to 200cm x 300cm. We can also make unusual shaped canvases and panel upon request.

Our Canvases and Stretcher Bars are suitable for;

Artists wishing to upgrade from store brought canvases | For Artwork Commissions to give a professional finish and long lasting quality | For Professional Artists wanting a bespoke Museum Quality Canvas for Exhibition and Competition Work. Our Prices are Inclusive of Delivery and VAT

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Your Canvas, Your Deadline: Introducing HM Canvases Readymade Range

At HM Canvases, we understand that the creative process can be spontaneous and time sensitive. Whether you've landed a last-minute commission, seek the keenest pricing, or are ready to upgrade from store-bought canvases, our Readymade Range is designed with you in mind. Here, you'll discover a curated selection of canvases, meticulously handmade to the same high quality as our Bespoke ranges, and they are ready to be dispatched to your studio.

Why Paint on Black Primed Canvas

HM Canvases offers Black Primed Canvases in Bespoke Sizes as an alternative to the standard White Primed. If you are after a different mood, or vibrancy to your painting then please read on.


A Brief History of Painting Fabrics


Linen has been used as a painting support for centuries, and its long history can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where it was used for mummification, clothing, and even as a currency.

During the Renaissance, linen became the preferred support for oil painting as, unlike wooden panels, it could withstand the expansion and contraction of the paint as it dried and was resistant to moisture and humidity. This allowed artists to create large, complex works that could be transported and displayed without damage.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, linen remained the primary support for oil painting......

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