Materials and Manufacture


Working closely with locally based suppliers we have carefully chosen only the best quality timbers with which to work. Currently 100% of all our canvas stretchers are made with a hardwood: Tulipwood (American Yellow Poplar), known for its suitability for making canvases due to its resistance to warping, its inherent straightness and low emissions and its sustainable production.


Sustainable Hardwood Information 

More Information about Tulipwood and its sustainability can be found here 


Stretcher Bars

Every canvas we produce is made to the highest standards. We make and assemble every element of your order in our Wolverhampton workshops.

Every Stretcher Bar is measured and cut to length, then machined on our specialist jointing equipment to exacting standards of accuracy. All of our canvas stretcher frames are fully expandable at both the corners and cross braces for full re-tensioning over time.

Canvas Fabric & Stretching

We offer a wide variety of Canvases and Linens, giving you the widest choice to suit your painting style and budget.

Our Cotton Duck canvas is sourced from the UK and from India to guarantee the highest quality fabric. We highly recommend our 12oz cotton duck as the most popular choice for economy and quality, and this is available on both our Gallery and Professional Ranges. Weighted as 12oz before being double primed with universal primer, it has a close and consistent weave, a good tooth and semi absorbent gesso primed surface.

We also import highest quality fabrics from Italy. These range from Superfine Cotton and beautiful Linens used on our Professional Range.

Every single canvas we make is stretched by hand to ensure the best finish and tension for each material. You will find our canvases are folded and stapled neatly on the reverse, giving each one the feel of a beautifully crafted piece of furniture and invariably adding value to your work.

Bespoke Canvases

We pride ourselves on being able to make any size canvas you require up to 2m x 3m. We can make them in Inches or in Centimetres in whole or part increments up to an accuracy of 4mm.